What Would You Like To Leave Behind?

‘What Would You Like To Leave Behind?’

In stores 14 Oct, 2016 – digital180g vinyl, CD
Vertrieb: recordJetSoulfood


01 Underway
02 Dancing Shoes
03 Trouble The Wate
04 One Of These Days
05 Flying Home
06 Cracks
07 Queue
08 Always Making History 09 Now
10 Companion

Watch the video for our single: ‘Now


EPK – German or English

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Ben Barritt’s debut album, What Would You Like to Leave Behind?, will be released digitally and on CD and 180g vinyl on Oct 14th, 2016. Preview hard copies have already been distributed to an eager fanbase following an successful crowdfunding campaign and launch shows in London and Berlin.

What Would You Like to Leave Behind? is a marriage of classic and modern sounds, blending the pure and sincere lyricism of Joni Mitchell and James Taylor with a contemporary sense of groove and electronic instrumentation. This is also illustrated in the album’s production, made using a combination of rusty Eastern Bloc tape machines and digital techniques. Ben’s writing is intelligent and thoughtful, warm-hearted but not without a certain ironic bite. One of These Days describes a schoolboy crush in the context of petty playground politics, whilst Now

(which contains the lyric the album is named after) reflects on the bittersweet experience of leaving one’s twenties behind. Whether sampling stylistically jazz, funk or folk, the songs are guided by a framework of coherent and mature storytelling.

Such stories and musical ideas are at least partly informed by Ben’s career as a session musician. Having lived most of his life in London, he has paid his dues on every stage from The Bedford to the Royal Albert Hall. Under his own name, he has also played countless solo shows in Europe and Asia, released one EP (Sundial, 2013) and amassed a group of loyal and international followers.

It was this touring experience that led to Ben eventually relocating to Berlin, where What Would You Like to Leave Behind? was recorded, the city providing yet another voice to an already rich amalgamation of influences. It is a rare album of talent, craft, meaning and beauty.