Album recording in progress

….and you can pre-order it now!   As you can see, the website is undergoing maintainance at the moment. I recommend you go here instead:  


  Well, it’s actually happening! The flyers are printed and I’m on the way to Muelheim for the third gig, after the intimate hinterzimmer at Heimathafen, Wiesbaden, and sold-out show with Matze Rossi at Perlen Unplugged. I’ll be playing all around Germany the next few months- hope to see you along the way

Living Room

It’s been a summer of concerts. Lot’s of them- in fact the real beginning of me taking my songs on the road. And the greatest thing about it is that quite a few people have asked me to play in their living rooms…. ….or on their roof The autumn is looking busy. But now Jim

Interview and Update

Music blog House In The Sand recently featured an interview. A sunny day by the Spree, we taped it while Vanessa was in town to review former JK support ‘The Arkanes’ rocking Berlin extremely hard on their way to global infamy! Vanessa is a real champion of new music, please check out her page here

Looking Forward

Last night’s busy show at Madame Claude brought this tour to a close. The venues were fun. We met awesome people. Total heroes of friends put us up and sorted PA systems. The van just about made it up and down the hills around Bad Schandau. And Yasmin and Micha play so good. It’s exciting


I’ll be on the road with my band next week! 11.3 – Berlin – Intersoup 14.3 – Decin – Hudební klub Garage 15.3 – Ceska Lipa – Klub Progres 16.3 – Zittau – Jolesch 18.3 – Berlin – Madame Claude With Yasmin Hadisubrata (Rhodes/Moog) and Michael Dau (Drums/Perc) Very excited to be doing our first small tour as a trio.

The Plan

Soon I’ll be leaving Berlin for a month to play what looks like my first tour. Mishka and I have been singing together for many years, with Pete Churchill and The London Vocal Project,  Bobby McFerrin, Kenny Wheeler and many great nights at The Vortex. I’m joining her in the Philippines for a bunch of gigs