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You hear Ben Barritt’s clear, simple voice spinning thoughtful songs that lay claim to no style of music whatsoever. Your feet tap as the band grooves with an organic, open-minded fusion, throwing expectation to the wind. You marvel as the lyrics ask you questions but preach no answers. You don’t notice the poetic classicism behind
the music because it’s concealed by an energetic performance that is totally un-nostalgic, blending angular jazz, nerdy funk, moody soul and adventurous folk and leaving you with…. pop music. You understand it but you are unable to define it. You will now book the band for your venue/festival/tour.

Before relocating to mainland Europe to concentrate on his own songs, Ben learned about music on the London jazz scene and played professionally everywhere from the Garage to the Albert Hall. The need to create something new aligned with his frustration at the musical compromises required for survival in the UK capital. In Germany he wandered the rail network playing hundreds of acoustic shows before assembling an international band, all of whom play for famous artists too.

Ben’s music is performed by a variable line-up of pro musicians. This ranges from just him (in folk-mode) all the way to the full band, encompassing ever increasing degrees of funk. This may consist of:

Yasmin Hadisubrata – Rhodes and Moog
Hannes Huefken – Bass
Michael Dau – Drums
Ben – Singing and guitar(s)

Collectively, members of this lineup have performed alongside:  Ed Motta, Kenny Wheeler, Bobby McFerrin, Dave Stewart, Andrew Roachford, Ivy Quainoo, Mic Donet, David McAlmont, Alin Coen Band, Ruffcats, Josh Groban, Katharina Franck, Holler My Dear, Jim Kroft and The Swag



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Management: Hannes Huefken
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Photo copyright Guido Rottmann

Photo copyright Guido Rottmann

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