I’ll be on the road with my band next week!

11.3 – Berlin – Intersoup

14.3 – Decin – Hudební klub Garage

15.3 – Ceska Lipa – Klub Progres

16.3 – Zittau – Jolesch

18.3 – Berlin – Madame Claude


Yasmin Hadisubrata (Rhodes/Moog) and Michael Dau (Drums/Perc)

Very excited to be doing our first small tour as a trio. I’ve been playing acoustic a lot recently and I’m honoured to be joined by these two amazing players for a bigger, funkier sound!

We’ll be playing across the border of CZ and DE- I already know how awesome Ceska Lipa is and looking forward to playing in Decin and Zittau for the 1st time.

Special thanks to Ondrej and Bert for making gigs happen. Click the links above for FB events and info