Looking Forward


Last night’s busy show at Madame Claude brought this tour to a close. The venues were fun. We met awesome people. Total heroes of friends put us up and sorted PA systems. The van just about made it up and down the hills around Bad Schandau. And Yasmin and Micha play so good.


It’s exciting to be rolling with these two great friends. Their ideas bring the music to life every night with commitment and spontaneity. The groove cooks, people’s feet tap and now I can’t wait for the next chance to get this band on the road!


This year has already brought so many changes, experiences, opportunities and lessons. And a wash of new memories. Extremes of temperature and extremes of music- the meticulous modernity and genius production of Jim’s marathon January session, then straight from the snow to downtown Manila, cutting Mishka’s acoustic album in whole takes. The missed connection and lost guitar. Flying over deserts and islands. The crazy food. The arty cafes and strange mall gigs. Touring with my friends Mish and Adi. The samba bateria.  The freeways, the smog and the billboards. The long mountain journeys and the crazy and wonderful hosts who took us in. The endlessly beautiful rice terraces. The buzzing street concert under the motorway in Hong Kong, the mahjong in Kowloon. Rehearsing Jim’s big new sound. The ‘pig slaughter’ and the sausages. Getting these great bands together. The hills and the Elbe at the border. The bohemian rhapsody. The wondering about what LA and New York will really be like after all the stories and songs.


These few months have made me realise that making music like this is possible and sustainable. But  it will require more and more ventures into the unknown, to abandon the compromises and doubts that hold you back. On my birthday we were sitting around a fire by the sea and my friend asked me “What would you like to leave behind?” Feels like the beginning of something, looking forward to it.