I Don’t Turn That Way

I Don’t Turn That Way

Hear the moan of the mother who sings like she’s lived far too long
she’s hoping that someone might hear her familiar song
But this siren wont lead me astray
I’m blind in the blizzard, the whitewash of day
No I dont turn that way
I just keep walking on

Feel the blade of the brother who’s lost in a cause to believe
and Remember the scars how they make and they mar our memory
but he’s not at my door today
I’ll put on my innocent armour and pray
that I dont turn that way
Some day he might be me

The troubling things that I know
Are ripples from stones that our hands are to throw
Who am I to stand in the way
And who’s to know the role I will play
When I wake to find the world at my door
Until that day I’ll be here as before
My head in the clouds as I’m planting my feet in the clay

Taste the salt of the sister who falls in a life be sold
and your body and soul is a currency endlessly old
But we’re born in this market place
So I’ll never notice the tears on her face
No I dont turn that way
I’ll never break the mould

See the face of the father who places your hand on the gun
And try to believe in the virtue, the victory you won
But your enemy swore just the same
to live with a number and die with a name
I wont pass the blame
‘cos I’m somebody’s son
I dont turn that way
I just keep walking on