Tell somebody something they want to hear
Keep repeating and repeating the score
You can push an idea so far in everyone’s ear
They could swear that it was there before

Now erase all that you don’t understand
and remind them how afraid they should be
But dont you ever forget that your marionettes
are gonna see the strings eventually

Everybody needs an enemy And I want to make you ours
If you’re the one to take the blame then wont you take a step too far

I want you to make me disillusioned
Show me what we knew all along
Open my eyes and shatter my delusion
That it’s me who’s in the wrong

Only so much you can lie and ignore, before the
Shepherd starts a-losing the sheep
But you’ll know what it’s worth to inherit the earth
When you see the making of the meek

Everybody needs an enemy And i want to make you mine
If you’re the sum of my shame then prove it to me one more time

You give up waiting for the colours shining true
When you’ve seen these shades of grey too many times, as they cascade from the gutter made to guard the red and blue
So that when we’re being lied to we don’t mind
And with every new rendition on an old familiar theme
I’m waiting for the note you blow too hard
Shoot your guns until they jam, Scream the words you understand
Till everyone can see just what you are