Take a look through your window, as i walk away, embrace the icy air

Through streets so unfamiliar with their shutters drawn

I’m beginning to let go, to leave this place, and the bravest face i bear

Somewhere far behind as the dark unwinds around the morning


I am underway and the dawning day is beckoning me on

If i hurry i can ride along

I am underway, when who can say where the wind may blow

I’ll be steering where I know that I belong


When you’re tired of repeating

Such a bitter lie, the unrequited meaning

Seems to rise from the horizon with a knowing glow

And though the glimpses are fleeting, i can see a way through the fickle fate i’m cheating

Chances fade to reason on the road


I could have come from nowhere now theres no one to fail

My eyes grow open as i’m further from home

Now my ears are ringing with the wind in my sails

You spent your last reply

You sent me out to sea, the grey was gathering in your sky

so im finding my own