The Plan

Soon I’ll be leaving Berlin for a month to play what looks like my first tour.

Mishka and I have been singing together for many years, with Pete Churchill and The London Vocal Project,  Bobby McFerrin, Kenny Wheeler and many great nights at The Vortex. I’m joining her in the Philippines for a bunch of gigs and adventures. While I’m there I’m heading over to Hong Kong to play a few nights. And then back to Manila. And then to the Czech Republic to play at a traditional pig slaughter (!). And then Berlin. And then the next adventure begins- the imminent machinations of Jim Kroft. I’m currently in a studio near Schlesisches Tor preparing to play the first notes of the 4th album.

Being a musician at this stage (small-time) frequently reminds you of the threat of failure and the complexities of compromise, but the plan has always been simply to create music and then get out there and play it. It feels like the beginning of a good year


Mish Tour